I enjoyed meeting you and Louise last Saturday and love your paintings.
by Kate James

Local boy makes good and that goes for Louise. Your work is very engaging. I loved meeting both of you last night at WTAW in San Francisco. I may have to broach FB just for youse guys.
by polly babcock

very nice here. i like it.
by Blotz

in ny for a minute. how are you? with mary lou. playing with computers and remembering old times
by mary otte harper

I really like your work.
by michel alexis

Have been out to the property many times, but never knew exactly what was being created out in the mysterious "barn"...........Brilliant, pentrating !
by Jeff Cannata

I first saw your work at Dutch Kills, directed to the gallery by Whitey Flagg during a visit to an exhibit there. I was immediately connected to your work; its visual world is wide, beautiful, and imaginative. I will certainly follow your work. This IS the joy of painting.
by Philip Clark

Your paintings are fantasticly interesting. Both composition and color are pleasing to the eye and more importantly, thought provoking and stimulating to the brain .
by Anne Wiedenmayer

I agree!
by Louise Marburg

Marburg collectors.......Your work is magnificent. The form and colors take the viewer different places at each viewing
by Bailey and Rosarie Hartmeyer

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